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Heather Trusler | 07/21/14

When you create strong ties with your customers, they will come back often and that will help your search rankings.

Doug Worth | 07/21/14

Before you spend a lot of money with inexperienced people, check into our search engine placement service.

Eleanor Roberts | 07/20/14

If your website designer has made mistakes in the design of your site, we can help.

Bob Masi | 07/20/14

Having a lot of the same keyword on a page can help and sometimes hurt your rankings.

Cameron Jordan | 07/19/14

You can use social media to help get your site noticed by customers and search engine spiders.

Elsie Rodriguez | 07/19/14

Every month you stay with our service you should see additional traffic to your site.

Cindy Puzia | 07/18/14

If you offer a service that needs to be marketed locally, we can do that for you.

Dana Speer | 07/18/14

If you think you can get your website on page one by yourself, you are sadly mistaken. With the large amount of people using cell phones instead of computers, you better be on page one in front of as many of them as possible.

Anne Andrulot | 07/18/14

Be sure that you have a good web hosting company or all the optimization in the world won't do you any good in getting high rankings. If you have a lot of sales through your website it could help your rankings.

Heather Gill | 07/16/14

You should always be constantly put the name of your website out there so that people know who you are.

Bret Ingold | 07/14/14

Every business owner has his own special skills and one of them is probably not getting on page one of Google. Advertising to your current customer base may bring you some extra money.

Christopher Muertz | 07/12/14

Creating a search engine campaign to get you in the organic rankings is the best way to get on page one Google.

Carolyn Brintnall | 07/10/14

If you need to find a product or service, you probably look on the internet instead of a phone book.

Caroline Hoffman | 07/08/14

Most people who have affiliate websites are not experienced in the business of marketing.

Eric Engbrecht | 07/06/14

If your website is being seen on Google first page, you will probably end up with more traffic to your retail store.

Brittany Boetsch | 07/06/14

Be sure to optimize each of your web pages to a specific word or phrase.

Cathy Smidowicz | 07/06/14

Do not depend on your web designer to get your website seen online.

Donna Pikey | 07/06/14

We give you free clicks in the natural search results on the first page of Google.

Gary France | 07/05/14

Incorporating your keyword phrases into your text is something that can be done by a professional copywriter.

Alice Persons | 07/05/14

If a person recommends your business to another person, you will get good customers. We can help you get Google top 10 rankings for your website.

Arlen Payne | 07/04/14

We can help you get in the best position for reaching customers online.

Ann Kindblom | 07/02/14

Try to focus on putting new content on your site on a regular basis.

Dawn Kraskey | 07/01/14

Search engine optimization is what companies use to improve their visibility on page one of the search engines.

Heather Asborne | 06/30/14

We know how to get the most out of internet marketing for you.

Doug Dolginow | 06/29/14

If you have your website is listed on your business cards, that's a good thing.

Greg Jones | 06/28/14

We can optimize your search engine performance so that your website is seen by more potential customers.

Colleen Quinn | 06/28/14

These days direct mailing of postcards has taken a back seat to website advertising.

Ed Farren | 06/28/14

Remember that many of your customers will use their mobile devices to pull up your website.

Cindy Overstake | 06/26/14

You may still get advertising postcards in the mail but you can be sure there is a website listed on them. Sending emails to your customers is not a bad idea.

Alyciarae Weaver | 06/26/14

We will let you give us a list of keyword phrases because you know your business better than anyone.

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